Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank You!

     Thank you, Martin, for the lovely scarf (and the nice postcards).  The scarf colors are one of my favorite combinations.  It is a treasure!

     Thank you, Elliot-from-the-phone-company, who came back on Monday and rewired the phones exactly as I would have wanted, with a filter at the NI and a dedicated run to the high-speed modem.  Very neat work, too, and Tam tells me you greeted the cats as if they were small, furry people.

     And thank you, Readers, for tolerating my late-Winter slump.  Too much snow, too little sunlight, which should be fixing itself any day now.  A-hem.  Any Day Now...?   Well, eventually.


Bear said...

NID filters and homeruns are pretty much standard for DSL installs, especially for 7Mb/s service. At least you had a tech who gets that; back in the day, I often had to explain in
excruciating detail to older SSTs why they really need to clear bridge taps and coils even though "Why? They ain't a problem for POTS."

Might be a good idea to get into your modem stats and save a baseline record of transceiver stats. With Westell, it should somewhere around System Monitoring=>Advanced Statistics=>Transceiver Stats. Saves time arguing with "help desk" dweebs when your service craps out.

Unknown said...

Dear Roberta,

Per winter slump: vitamin D-3 may be of help. You might try 1000 International Units (IU) 3x day; it worked for me. Hope you feel better soon.


Robert Fowler said...

Since Iowa and Indy are approximately on the same horizontal plane, spring might be near. They are talking about near 70 by Sunday. I sure hope so. I'm ready for winter to go away for a while.

Debra KI4TON said...

Buy the full spectrum lights.