Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Laundry

     ...I must do it.  Pictures (of stuff from Saturday's road trip) later.  (Went to bed early, woke up about 0100 and could not get back to sleep for hours.  Grrr.  Finally dozed off, had to wake up to feed cats [0600], went back to sleep and was awakened [0830?] by Tam calling from the front porch, where she had locked herself out when she went out for breakfast with a friend.)


B said...

Pictures of your laundry?


Anonymous said...

The best way to beat insomnia is to threaten yourself with work you really hate. "If I'm not asleep in 1 hour I am going to get up and [fill in the blank].

Back when I was working in Corporate America it was do the ironing. I usually went back to sleep, and if I didn't I go a week's worth of ironing done. (Had to look good for all those pointless meetings!)