Friday, September 19, 2014


     It's Talk Like a Pirate Day and I failed to point it out until it was nearly over.

     To make it up, what's a pirate's favorite letter?

     Sure, sure, I knows what yer thinkin', young Jim,* it it ain't "R."  No, a pirate's favorite letter would be...the "C."  (Highlight to reveal the answer.)

* What?  Yer not Jim Hawkins?  Well, then, look it up


Paul S. said...

I read this in an RSS reader and the joke was ruined. THANKS A LOT.

Roberta X said...

:) See what comes of RSS? Plus, now you can tell it to others (I stole it from a co-worker's college-age daughter, an Engineering major, of course).

Rob K said...

Arrrghhhh, what be sayin' "Pieces of seven! Awwk! Pieces of seven!"

(answer to follow)

Rob K said...

A parroty error! Arghhhh!

Roberta X said...


D.W. Drang said...

Pirates travel at the speed of light?

Sigman said...

Space pirates do. Thems that dies'll be the lucky ones...Arrrr