Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sure This Isn't Monday?

     There's water in the basement from the downpour. Additionally, it appears the floor drain is either backed up or has valved itself shut (the latter greatly preferable to the former).  Either way, I've got water entering from unusual corners as well as the usual, so there's gutter and downspout work in my future.  And the milk has turned.

     I was looking forward to possibly doing a little laundry and enjoying a light breakfast of coffee and Cheerios.  Nix on the laundry.  The coffee's okay but ix-nay on the ereal-say, and that pretty well takes the enjoyment part with it.

     What's the old expression, "That'll be the sunny Friday?"  This is my Friday and it ain't.

1 comment:

Bob said...

*sings* The sun'll come out, tomorrow!

*sings* There's got to be a morning after...