Monday, September 15, 2014

Political Carousers Who Can't Explain Their Flaming Trousers....

     Ah, the new, revamped Meet The Press, in which yesterday, the President's poor approval rating and Congress's even worse one were discussed, with an eye to the likelihood of a GOP Senate majority after the mid-terms: all in terms of if it would be a good thing [1] or a bad thing [2] for the Democrats.  'Cos remember, the message is, "What's good for the Democrats is good for the country;" I think they picked that up in trade when the .gov bailed out General Motors.

     Me, I dunno; I think the GAO ought to look into determining if we could save money by outsourcing Congress to a private contractor.  At least then we'd know who the Congresscritters were beholden to.

     I'm pretty sure we already know who the Old Media's sugar daddy is.
1. "The Republicans can share the blame as things get even worse, then the Dems can come roaring back and save the day!"
2.  "The GOP is The Devil!"


Jennifer said...

Do flaming trousers explain the leg tingle?

Roberta X said...

Aha! Possibly. Possibly.

Windy Wilson said...

a rhyme worthy of Cole Porter or Irving Berlin -- heck, even Yip Harburg.