Saturday, September 20, 2014

Eggs Inferno

     Not quite diabolic (though YMMV):
     Hatch brand enchilada sauce, medium; a half-pound of sweet Italian sausage; a little onion; a half-dozen very small oblong tomatoes (sliced); four eggs; some Manchego BellaVitano cheese on top.

     "Medium," they call it, but here in the Midwest I think it counts as "hot."  Very flavorful nevertheless and tastier over rice. More cheese would not have been remiss and I could have doubled the number of eggs in this batch to good effect, but I would have had to feed the leftovers to the neighbors.


Old NFO said...


Robin said...

Looks good. We see actual Hatch chilis around here this time of year, brought up from New Mexico.

Roberta X said...

Our run of Hatches has come and (mostly) gone already. They're tasty!