Friday, September 12, 2014

I Slept For Twelve Hours

     Other than waking to do as one does over the course of a long night.

     Alas, no photos of the Big Breakfast Bowl at Zest I had for dinner: double-sausage gravy (a spicy, sausage-laden amber concoction) poured over homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs, washed down by big mugs of café au lait. It was wondrous.

     I'll probably need most of this day to recover from my week-plus of early mornings.  So not liking that shift.

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LCB said...

Because of the migraine meds I take I sometimes sleep for 12-16 hours. Drives my wife crazy. And she has a point. I think 1/2 of getting over a migraine is getting over too much sleep...part of what "they" call the migraine hangover.

Oh, I for one and GLAD you didn't post a pic of food today. Drives me crazy when you post something that makes my mouth water...and the only food close at hand is Mickie D's. :-p