Monday, September 01, 2014

One Dozen Eggs: Parts 1, 2 and 3

     Blog reader (and all-round nice guy) Kerry brought a dozen eggs to the BlogMeet and gave them to me as a gift.  "But," he said, "I want pictures."

     The first three went over the top this morning, along with about a cup and a quarter of flour, a cup and a half of milk, and a generous splash or two of water: Swedish Pancakes!

     I love 'em, Tam finds them a little heavy.  They don't rise, really, though they bubble and you end up with significantly different sides; the first downside is smoothish:
      The top, when flipped, not so much:
     Really bubbly! (I should maybe call them "Moon Cakes?  Umm, no.)
     Stacked, buttered, waiting a sprinkle of sugar:
There are three round ones in this stack -- they are very thin.
     I like 'em best about six high (a three-stack cut in two and re-stacked).  This is the first time I tried making them in the 10" not-really-a-crepe pan, which works wonderfully well.  The odd-shaped pancake is the last little batch of batter.

     The base recipe is (correcting an earlier sleepy mistake!) "two-one-one"* for 2 eggs, 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour, which you should adjust to get a batter that suits you; it should be quite thin.  Scales up linearly.  Beat the egg very well first and if you want a bit more frothy result, you can separate the white(s) and beat 'em up 'til the start to stand, then beat in the yolk(s), milk and flour.  Adding a few teaspoons of water was an experiment that worked out okay.  Some versions include a splash of vanilla and a little cinnamon; you could try a touch of nutmeg or walnut extract, and so on.  The original way to eat them is with butter and lingonberry jelly between the layers but various jams, jellies, syrup or a little ordinary sugar works, too.
* Or "couple'a, cupp'a, cupp'a," which is how I should've written it.


Joseph said...

Call them Io Pancakes.

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Don M said...

Nook and crannies to hold the butter!