Saturday, August 02, 2008


Just like Hitler's Germany, Yugoslavia or the old Soviet Union, they've got their Olympics -- and it's obvious how well that worked out for the other three nations.

     Some see China as an emerging threat.  Mike Kole's not too worried....

     Me, I dunno.  I remember only too well a documentary about that nation on one of the cable channels in which a small-town mayor chortled at the inefficiency of the the way things are done in the 'States compared to "here in China, a Mayor gets his instructions from above and does as he's told!"

     Can you have capitalism without freedom?  Won't some of us look a right bunch of ghits when they manage the trick?

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staghounds said...

The Chinese dictators have put into practice the ultimate "third way". Like Western socialists, they are taking control of the results of production, and abandoning the direction of the means. They are just doing it from the opposite direction. Our masters are confining a formerly freer market, they are gradually freeing a formerly more controlled one.

And I won't be too worried about them until they lay down some aircraft carrier keels. That will mean we have five to twenty years.