Monday, August 04, 2008


It's been a good time for German bunkers of late: untouched WW II bunkers showed up in Denmark, after having been buried in the dunes for more than 60 years. (Denmark's got a surfeit of bunkers but salvaged them all -- they thought! -- soon after the war ended).

Elsewhere -- but not very else -- the Honecker Bunker, former doomsday capsule for the former East German leadership, is Open To The Public for Three Months Only! (See Teh Egress, only DM 100!)

Man, don't I feel like a piker. Better get diggin'! Or not!

(Sure, it all seems so over the top; OTOH, I grew up in tornado country, in a house with a 1950s bomb shelter out back. When the sky turns green and goes in circles, there's something comforting about reinforced concrete, earth berms and blast doors between you and Nature-in-all-her-glory).


Drang said...

I'm not sure which aspect of that US Bunkers link I find more fascinating, the horse bunker, or the poor spelling...

Anonymous said...

Why just have one small add-on bunker when you can have the whole house be one?

Roberta X said...

Aw, D.W, you left out the clumsy Photoshopping, too!

Maybe they're just starting out?

Stingray: I'm pretty sure most of them would be too long a commute for me. Darn it!