Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tam's Back!

...All is right with the world, especially if you ask the cats: they have a full-time servant again! Me, 'cos my Landlady meter's runnin', I hafta try to simulate Mature Adulthood. Kind of.

Also, to the flatbed carryin' broken concrete bits that fall off along the freeway? Stop that! We got the grill of Tam's Z3 reassembled okay but it was touch and go. If it'd hit any harder, we'd've had to apply a bandaid and go try to wheedle new plastic bits from the Beemer dealer -- and they've been wheedled by experts. Bimmer bummer! All better now, though.


Anonymous said...

Grille mo' better than windyshield.

Roberta X said...

Way better!

Anonymous said...

Grills you can at least replace yourself..