Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aw, What's Another Few Booms?

Residents of a Southside neighborhood shared with A) a big landfill and B) underground quarrying operations* that involve blasting,are in full voice over some recent FBI/LEO training at the landfill involving loud explosions (When Trash Attacks 101, with a short seminar on Zombie Removal?). The first session was entirely unannounced and made for a busy time at the 911 call center; when the date for the second was made public and locals griped, the Feds suggested they "...go shopping for the hour we'll be setting things off..." presumably 'cos down by the landfill, those are the homes of folks who do whole lot of shopping. (Note to FBI: hire a better PR flack for these things).

Residents are now pushing for a noise ordinance, though the FBI has no further plans for the area and the quarry's been there long enough that it's almost certainly grandfathered. But if it gets through, I'll be watching the newspaper closely around 4 July for unintended consequences.
* If Indianapolis ever sinks, M----- M------- is gettin' the escalator bill; they've got limestone operations all over town.

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