Monday, August 25, 2008

Tired? Relieved?

Seems likely, when a conversation like this makes sense:

RX: "You'd better get horizontal. You're so sleepy, I'm afraid you might turn into a turnip and there I'd be, havin' to explain why there's a five-foot-12 girl-shaped turnip--"

Tam, yawning off to her room: "--a pillar of turnip."

R: "Yeah! I'll tell 'em you looked back an' there was a salt shortage. A pillar of turnip by day and three if by sea!"

T: "...Right...?"

...My Mother the Sunday-School teacher is so proud now....


CGHill said...

Wouldn't a pillar, what with its presumably high center of gravity, more easily fall off the turnip truck?

Roberta X said...

H'mmm. That would explain why she, in fact, did not turn into a turnip, then. Oh, Western Science is so wonderful!