Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom Of Expression: So Precious, It's Rationed

Especially during eejit-picking election season.

Seems some public-spirited lad has put together a nice little political ad for television highlighting the well-documented friendship between Weather Underground bomber William Ayers and Senator Barack Obama. All's fair in love, war and politics? Not exactly; it would seem the Obama campaign is fighting back with litigation and threats and have kept it off the air.

First Amendment? C'mon, they don't like that one any better than the Second! Besides, there's a law. (And who put that knotty club in their hands? Why, Messrs. Feingold and McCain -- John McCain. Karma, sir; karma).

NW Freethinker has the story, with links. And an embedded copy of the advertisement. Go take a look.

Can't stop the signal!


Ken said...

Not surprising. Remember Stolen Honor, just four short years ago?

Gay_Cynic said...

Thanks for the linky goodness! :)

Let's hope the word techno-sophistication isn't presently up to grabbing an actual copy of the ad, but it would thrill me vastly were it to spread in viral fashion across the blogspace. :)