Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Didn't John W.Campbell Write This Already?

Implausible though it once seemed, researchers say they're closing in on invisibility[1]. BTDT, thanks to a yarnspinner named Don A. Stuart, who turned out to be John W. Campbell in a funny hat. Or have I remembed the story wrong? --Oh, well, or perhaps Wells: it was already an old topic even that long ago.

Radar invisibility, I get. Optical? Quite the dark, dark art and probably never as good as we can imagine; but ask any sniper school grad if there is an attainable good enough -- their lives depend on it. And that's without scifianium to help!
1. a. Thanks to the wire-service-not-to-be-named for the story -- luckily another outfit covered it, too.
1. b. Invisibility? Oh, I've got your "invisibility;" ask any gal engineer. You make a technical suggestion and the boys sit there like warts; two minutes later, one of them says the exact same thing and oh, boy! It's the best thing since sliced beer or canned bread. Invisiblity's overrated.


Anonymous said...

I've been invisible to women under 30 for many a year now. and there are those who would contend that this is a good thing.

Ride Fast said...

I always strove to fairly evaluated whatshernames ideas.

Adrian K said...

You must be working in the wrong place. Most of our developers and project managers are women.