Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yes, Tam Is On Vacation

Vide. ...But I'm still right here at Roseholme Cottage, catching up on my laundry and correspondence and cat-sitting. About time; I've either worked or had some social engagement at least one day of just about every weekend for the last few months.

I like the money and it's fun to get out of the house but every so often, I've got to stop and recharge. Also stop and clear off the dining-room table. Books just build up like magic!


Anonymous said...

Books are a good thing!!!

Tam said...

I have learned some cookery!

You would be so proud of me. I didn't burn the house down or get blood in the chopped garlic or anything!

Anonymous said...

What, is it a requirement that all Gunblogger gals are good cooks?? :) Not that that's a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

...and in honor of Tam being back in the South, word verification is: