Friday, August 29, 2008

Kinda Happy

(UPDATE: Neaderpundit Og argues cogently in favor of voting within the two major parties. I do not agree but he makes good points for his take on things. Go, read!)

...With news of Senator's McCain's Vice-Presidential pick. It's a wise move.

Will it get me to vote for him? I don't know. Still doing my homework -- and it's not like the V.P. can actually do anything.

Still, that's one hell of a good label to put on the box of soap flakes* and the implied promise it holds for the future is appealing. Not 'cos she's, you know, a gurrrl, but because she's got decent small-gov cred, she shoots, and she appears to actually be of some worth as a person. All very good things. Wonderful traits in a candidate for Federal office!

...Alas, she's ridin' second to a man who thinks the First Amendment is something to toss if it gets in the way of his own personal idea of "clean government." People are apt to pick up their boss's habits. This is something of a minus.

What about the threat posed by the other guy? Look, if I find myself fixin' to vote against, I'll vote third-party for sure rather than settle for half an oaf because of fear.

Still...McCain-Palin. I dunno; it does have a bit of a ring to it. It's brought a real wave of relief and joy to the gun-blogosphere and that counts for quite a bit all by itself!

Update: some Lefty commentators have remarked on Ms. Palin as "Governor of a tiny state." Let's assume they're countin' snotty noses rather than area (since nobody, not even a Democrat, could be so stupid as to call our physically largest State "tiny," right?) and do the math, shall we?

Gov. Palin's Alaska, 2006 pop. per the Feds, 670,053. Senator Biden's Delaware, same source, 853,476. But wait, there's more: two Senators per state, so if we take the easy way out, Uncle Joe's got 426,738 Delawary subj- citizens to his name. Sounds like a fair match either way you slice it, neither of them weilding the lash over, er, politicking at by and for even a million souls. In terms of the job they're applying for, only one's got Executive experience -- and she ain't Senator Biden.
* Every product is soap flakes. You change the artwork on the box, write "New, Improved" on it, jack the price up, downsize the contents by 10% and start a new ad campaign. This has nothing at all -- zlich! -- to do with the quality of the soap.


Turk Turon said...

The gun blogosphere seems nearly as jubilant over the Palin announcement as it was over the Heller announcement in June.

Anonymous said...

She's not perfect - she voted for Alaska's windfall profit tax on oil revenues, which has halted a fair amount of development by oil companies up there..

On the other hand, she came out against pork, notably the "bridge to nowhere", and even put up for sale the Westwind II jet owned by the state for use by the governor, purchased by a previous administration.

Tam said...

"People are apt to pick up their boss's habits."

Gotta disagree. People of integrity keep their own habits. (cf. my roomie has not picked up habits from her boss)

Frank W. James said...

Roberta: Another thing to think about is McCain's age. If elected and he croaks in office look who WE get.

When they were talking Romney or Lieberman, I was worried. This helped make my decision quite clear.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

As someone else pointed out, ALL of Alaska's borders are international.

John A said...

Palin won a seat on the Wasilla City Council in 1992 - isn't that about four years before BHO ran for office?

On another blog, the poster said that while McCain and Biden had well-known curriculae vitae (I never took Latin, so probably got that wrong) her resume could not possibly match up to BHO`s - because Barry has been in the national news for a longer time, ie since he started running. Huh? Apparently actually looking at the content of a resume rather than the folder in which it is presented is beyond necessity. (OK, Joyner at

Yeah, there is at least one point where she and I would have to "agree to disagree" and more may show up - but to finally have a conservative to offset three liberals, well...