Friday, August 01, 2008

Pantsed Or De-pantsed?

Which term do you use?

It had not really dawned on me until today, when some of my co-workers were reliving their High School days, but the terms aren't literally equivalent.

Or, to quote C. Jay, "The first time I ever heard a guy say, 'We hauled him to the far side of the practice field and pantsed 'im!' I thought, What, your buddies lifted him up and and you pulled a pair of clown pants on him? Maybe the floppy shoes, too? Yeah, lets see the guy walk back into the building in that!"

I had the giggles off and on for the next hour. Pantsed!?


The Captain said...


Anonymous said...

De- I would have had a similar mental image. I think in pictures though.

Anonymous said...

I think they actually DO mean the same thing. "Pantsed" probably came from "depantsed" and was shortened as inside slang. But now, they're synonyms, like flammable and inflammable.

No. That's not right.

(Thinking furiously, trying to come up with a pair of synonyms whose form would make you think them antonyms, but getting nothing, Alger trips a 50A breaker. Er -- fuse, w/apologies to Mick and Keith.)


Anonymous said...

De - never heard "pantsed" used, I also got a similar mental image