Monday, August 25, 2008

And Now Back To Earth

Looks like final wrap-ups are being posted at the Para Ordnance blogfeed concatenator. We should take a moment to stop by and thank Bitter, who not only had to opt out of the Blackwater trip very late in the planning, but then did all the heavy lifting (and all the detail work, not to mention everything in between) to get the aggregator up and running. Thank you!

Joe Huffman beat Caleb in the shoot-out. Much as I like Joe, I was pulling for the local talent; Caleb is as fast and smooth as a striking snake. Speed and accuracy isn't the entire tale: Joe avoided a "don't shoot" time penalty his challenger was caught by. Experience over youth? Could be. In a crunch, I'd trust either one.

I have to admit after three days I'm startin' to miss the pitter-patter of tiny tactical boots around the house. I've missed havin' another cat-wrangler around here since the Zed Drei cleared the driveway: I'm outnumbered four to one!

In-writing Update: so, the back door went clonk! and the kitchen door creaked open and -- lo, the prodigy hath returned! (Rats, I only made four cups of coffee). Early word? Uttered in tones of pure bliss, "Oh, it was fun, it was fun!" Knew that, but any buzz that survives an 11-hour drive must have been made of 120% cake and win. At least.


Anonymous said...

Roberta X likes me?


Free Boomershoot entry for you!

Don't tell my wife, okay?


Actually, both of us messed up going through that stage. It was just a matter of who made the fewest mistakes. The previous day Caleb beat me on the plate rack. But, lucky for me, we weren't basing the bet on the plates.

Roberta X said...

Free Boomershoot entry? Woohooo!

(Now all I need is a teleportation booth).

How could I not like you, Joe? You let people (safely)shoot things that explode! Made of Grade-A 'Murrican win, that is.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... another explosives groupie.

We have a special day set aside for you and your type.

Guns -- Check
Geek -- Check
Smart -- Check
Science Fiction-- Check
Female -- Check
Tall -- Check

You have only have two choices if you show up at Boomershoot. 1) Introduce yourself to my wife and make her your friend. 2) Don't let her know you are even there.

Anything else and I'll be in big trouble even if I avoided so much as shaking your hand.