Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Morning

It's supposed to be good, anyway. It's not raining, anyway.

Chuckled at a an especially daft headline in a national newspaper yesterday: "Sotomayor Questioned On Gender, Ethniticity." Either there's some uncertainty there, which you'd think would rate more than a one column headline below the fold, or she's gettin' some incredibly easy questions, even for a Lefty in front of a hive of Democrats. Besides, aren't those precisely the sorts of questions employers are not to ask of prospective employees?

I really can't even be bothered to make popcorn. Liberal SCOTUS Justice set to replace another liberal SCOTUS Justice? It's just like changing a lightbulb, except we all get screwed and it sheds very little new light.

(Update: Linda Chavez is not impressed).


Carteach said...

Best summation I have heard yet.

Shane said...

I wouldn't have posted except my word verification is "probe". Jeopardy question: "What is NOT happening in the confirmation hearing?"

Anonymous said...

I don't care who you are, that is funny.


Steve R said...

Ah. But you see Roberta, they can ask those questions, because she already is an employee. They're just trying to decide if she's the right employee to promote.

WV - surated: anything good for the country is rated as worthy of being sued over to prevent it.