Sunday, July 12, 2009

Musician With A Lathe

I don't know what it is. I don't know who he is. But it's sure fascinating! Das Heckeshorn


Carteach said...

Darned if I know what's going on there either, but it sure matches my mood this morning.



Wayne Conrad said...

These are things about which I know little, but it appears to have something to do a a "steampunk sequencer" and synthesizers. The maker is German and my Oberschule Deutch is too decayed to be up to the task. You probably know all this: Sequencers are nifty little critters. They are what drive a CPU's cycle of fetch/decode/execute. Separated from the ALU and registers, you can do quite a lot with just a sequencer. I recall that our first solar system probes were controlled not by general purpose computers, but by sequencers. I could be wrong.

Ed Rasimus said...

I think he is tuning a mechanical harpsichord. It was done with five calibrated cast bronze hammers, two kazoos, a foot pedal and a rare b-flat Les Paul guitar neck. It is a very rare instrument, quite valuable and there are only four remaining complete sets of the tuning tools. Three of which are for sale on eBay because the owners don't know what they are.

Drang said...

I've got the volume turned 'way down on the computer speakers and the audio is still making something resonate here in the (not-on-the-air, alas) radio room at Schloss Drang. Still it didn't scare the cat.

And the video was artsy enough that I was never quite sure just what I was looking at. (Not that I would have necessarily had a clue anyway.)

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