Thursday, July 30, 2009

He Makes Me Want To Punch My Monitor

...A fat-headed nitwit pontificating in the Christian Science Monitor, sneering at the free market he has never seen and looking down at a mercantilism he misnames "capitalism."

Old commies never die, it seems, they just make stuff up and then try to smear it on the minds of the young, using their own dung as ink. "Could the Great Recession lead to a Great Revolution?" he pleads of the Fates. Jeez, I hope so, just so you can get down with some home-grown Khmer Rouge. Er, Professor, you don't by any chance wear glasses, do you? 'Cos some of your buds, well, they are just not down with that.

PS: here's a little more commynism for ya -- this group purports to be a bunch of lemmings happy to slash their own throats so bums can drink. Awwww. It's enough to make a hog gassy. Wanna bet none of them will ante up 'til Washington makes everyone in their (claimed) bracket do the same?

That I should be reaching my sunset years in such times...!


Drang said...

Oh, ick. I got Lenin all over my computer...

Joanna said...

I'm just pissed that my grandma has to go through a second depression. My grandfather, bless him, had the good sense to die before Obama actually took office. (Although I sometimes think we could solve some energy problems by hooking up a generator to his grave. He's certainly spinning fast enough.)