Friday, July 31, 2009

More Freudian Than Thou

Update: Speaking of warnings and bans, guess what happens when you try to tell Turks "No fumar?"
Freudianer than you? Heck, they're more Freudian than Freud!

Nathan Brindle links to news of a group that wants -- demands! -- a cancer warning on hot dogs. Yup, weenies, favored treat of many a youngster.

I was trying to relate this to L. Neil Smith's illuminating theory that the for-you-own-good crowd is afraid of fire: smokes, nukes, guns, smokestacks, smoked meats, fossil fuels, internal and external combustion engines, etc., etc. when it occurred to me that we have not one but two groups of nappy-wetters at work and what the other group fears and loathes most is, well, anything longer than it is wide, and doubly so if it happens to be cylindrical. There's a lot of overlap with the fire-haters (cigars, firearms, smokestacks, locomotives, fast cars and so on) but on a few issues their particular imprint stands out and the humble frankfurter is one of 'em. They're terrified of the penis.

All it takes is a quick glance at the body of feminist writing (or fifteen minutes of Oprah!) to recognize the source of this but it has roots even farther back, in the Mrs.-Grundyism of the Mauve decade and long before.

Well, 'scroom. I grew up eating hot dogs and -- to the possible consternation of the weenieworriers out there -- my favorite form of 'em was sliced into discs and cooked in vegetable soup!

Holy cow. Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar, nitwits; even Rene Magritte would go that far.


SordidPanda said...

Thanks Bobbie, I LOL'd.

I have quite a few fond memories of hotdog disks cooked into mac and cheese, from the box even.

Tango Juliet said...

The things that I don't learn here. Never thought of the firesmoke phobia thing.

But it's there, plain as the hot dog on your plate.

Ed Rasimus said...

But, all that repressed hostility manifested in the slicing and boiling of the symbolic...I cringed while reading. Lorena Bobbitt flashbacks immediately.

NotClauswitz said...

Mac-and-cheese without hot-dogs is an abomination!

rickn8or said...

Guns, alcohol and telling customers they can't smoke is a bad idea.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

WRT your update: Maybe sometimes a cigar isn't just a's a civil right.

Anonymous said...

Sometime in their past, their mothers told them:

"There is no lady-like to eat
a hot dog."

Only now does it come up.

wv: nounkist; hot dog is a noun isn't it?