Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Things That Induce Monitor-Punching Impulses

PayPal, those stalwart friends of freedom except for, oh horrors, guns, pulled the plug on the charity Soldier's Angels, 'cos they were sellin' raffle tickets for a, sob, gasp, pistol. Yes, an actual shooty-go-bang thing, eww, ick.

...After some of what had to be interesting communication, they did reinstate all of Soldier's Angels PayPallage...except that horrid nasty raffle. Yeah, dang, some vile, uncaring, inhuman critter -- me, for instance -- might've been able to enter, win, have to do a full-on Federal Firearms Transfer involving Federally-licensed dealers at each end, undergo a Federal background check and -- if they passed the check and paid for the transfer -- take possession of an actual handgun. Odds are quite excellent that whoever does win will already own several additional handguns, shotguns, and/or rifles, both the evil black kind and the other sort.

But by gosh, PayPal is keepin' the Internets pure. For a fatheaded value of "pure."

"Lips that touch tobacco," they demurely aver, "will never touch ours." No, wait, you can PayPal yourself a smoke as near as I can tell; the other things they won't letcha use PayPal for are dope of any sort or dope-use hardware, porn rated "obscene" and adult hardware likewise, copyright and/or trademark violations and other ways to diddle privacy or intellectual property, anything illeeegal, racist or hateful or that profits off crime, or Ponzi schemes and the like. Yeah, gee, the right of free men and women to bear arms in their own defense and for the defense of the State just fits right in that list, dunnit? You bet. Just like a scoop of green-tea ice cream on a pile o' dusty red bricks.

PayPal: they strike me as fretful. Timid. Oh, I confess, I could well be wrong; still, I'm thinking of the nice little bald actor with the high-pitched voice who always played a bank teller in Westerns. Oh, yeah. Him.


aepilot_jim said...

Now you made me go all google it up and stuff. I think the actor you're thinking of is John Fiedler.

Am I right?

what do I win? :D

Mongo said...

The only use I have for Pay Pal anymore is when I hit up somebodies tip jar on a blog. Their history is easily found..... new age financial piracy is the best way to describe it.

Kevin said...

We've managed to bypass PayPal! Another sponsor of the Rendezvous,, an ammo site, is doing the on-line ticket sales for us with all proceeds (minus the 3% credit card fee) going to Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers' Angels is still taking phone orders for those who don't want to purchase on-line. Details here.

And thanks again for linking!

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