Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday (and I'm missing hamburgers)

Home with The Headache today, it now being accompanied by vertigo. Not too bad if I sit still, not at all good if I get up and move. (Symptoms almost like the way seasickness is described. My longest exposure that sort of motion is the mild swell one encounters in the Midwest, e.g, taking the ferry to Mackinac Island and I enjoy that, so I cannot speak from direct experience).

Yesterday, ibuprofen kept it down to a dull roar but that was as much relief as I got; pain aside, it's utterly distracting and along with the annoying visual effects and "echoes" after sounds, I found myself making a lot of mistakes. I would not like to do so on rain-wet roads and when you add in the vertigo, it's a no-go.

...And it's Hamburger Day at the lunch counter closest to Skunk Works, Main Campus. Alas!


Stan in Minnesota said...

Have you tried Imitrix? It became my migraine drug of choice many years ago.

Roberta X said...

Imitrex does Very Bad Things to my innards. Delicacy forbids more detailed explanation but -- it ain't nice. It didn't slow the headache symptoms down all that much better than ibuprofen

Turk Turon said...

Sorry to hear you're feelin' so poorly. If it's bad enough to keep you home from work it must be very bad indeed.

Get well soon!


Jeffro said...

Dern - hope ya feel better soon. It's been years since my last migraine. I don't miss hiding out with the shades pulled, watching squiggly vision artifacts at all.

Imitrex does Very Bad Things to my innards. Delicacy forbids more detailed explanation but -- it ain't nice.

Yeah, that's more or less Og's niche. Heh.

og said...

i am very often plagued by migranes sometimes accomp nied by vertigo. once upon a time, a sudafed would clear this up for me lickety split- but sudafed makes my heartbeat irregularly these days, so mostly i just suffer. hope this resolves soonest. so sorry youre under the weather.

Roberta X said...

At one point I routinely took Sudafed and I may have to begin so doing again, Og. Thanks for the reminder!

Turk: it's almost okay if I stay still. You can imagine how well I take to that.

Chuck Kuecker said...

Possibly an utterly stupid suggestion to one in pain, but have you tried 'extra strength' aspirin - 500 mg?

I've had pretty bad pain in the last year - recovering from a new hip awarded as a prize for crashing my Yamaha - and I find aspirin does wonders.

Hope you feel better soon - I've been waiting on your next installment of news from the Lupine!

I'm one of those who gets no benefit at all from Tylenol with codeine, so perhaps my chemistry is messed up

Anonymous said...

Hope you get feeling better.
I was one of those folks that never got headaches until I started nearing 40. Turned out my eyesight was climbing to the higher digits and I had to get glasses (I hatezze thems, I does).
wv: bionid - I should have commented on the artificial brain!

Stan in Minnesota said...

When I was still married I would have 3-5 migraines a month. Since the divorce I have 3-5 a year and rarely need the Imitrix.

Just saying.

rickn8or said...

Hope things have stopped being all staccato and sparkly.