Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Day Is It?

...Oh, yeah, it's the day where I have try to get done all the things I didn't do yesterday. Oops.

Headache continues, though either it is getting a little weaker or I have become accustomed to it and in either case, I don't have any choice; there are tasks I simply must accomplish. So it's getting-ready time for me.

Oldest Tomcat was quite ill yesterday, too, though he is better today. He's been affectionate this morning, perhaps feeling he had a pretty close call yesterday evening.

My thanks to Og for a pointer to a less-costly 1911 grip bushing tap (60 pitch, those threads are, which is scary-fine). Alas, I also saw this screwdriver set, which is what I will buy if I win the lottery. Um, if I played the lottery. It's funny, I don't think anyone makes a center-piloted driver to fit 1911 grip screw bushings, something akin to the "slot and dot" drivers used for similar screws on some Sony equipment and Phone Co. style patch cable plugs. (Update: Of course they make grip screw bushing specific drivers, just in a different way).


og said...

remember, too,
that most of the mfrs tap both holes at once- so running the tap in from the OTHER hole will(should) guarantee proper alignment. as always be careful with such teeny threads. And for gods sake dont stake them! Red loctite is more than adequate to the task, and can be compelled to turn loose with a bic lighter

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty looking screwdrivers! Still, I'm rather taken with this being-able-to-eat thing.


Tango Juliet said...

Man oh man, I certainly hope red loctite is adequate. If not, mankind is doomed!

Vinnie said...

Read this

you can probably get it at the library.