Monday, July 06, 2009


Just looked at the weather and better weather for riding, you could not ask. I rid one day last week (and meant to blog about it); perhaps I can do a little better this week.

Picked up a nasty habit over the Winter, staying up too late on school nights. That's a real downcheck for riding for me; I can get through the day well enough but at happy-go-home time, I'm just... too... sleepy... to be comfortable herding a tiny two-wheeler through the near Northside. Did a little better that way last night, despite a woodworking project and the attractions of my hamshack, which is in a semi-functional state at long last.

So, vroom? Vroom indeed, if I head towards the shower shortly!


Ed Skinner said...

Beware the blundering four-wheel behemoths; the scooter makes you invisible!

Drang said...

What Ed said: One reason I don't ride is that, in the words of a riding friend from my yout', "Half the cars don't see you, and the other half target you!"

It's beginning to seem like when your weather improves, ours deteriorates...

WV: scote. The past tense for "scoot"?

sam said...

You just be careful with that knee, young lady.