Friday, July 10, 2009


The morning newspaper (remember those? Very useful as catbox liners!) offers a fascinating and snarkworthy tidbit I can't follow up on because I have to go pick up my own (non-GM) auto at the shop: GM owned a church in Indiana! Selling it off now, quelle suprise -- hard to imagine a church not run by the scions of elron that turns a profit.

Not even Google gets a solid hit on it. So I'm not sure what the backstory might be but even a little imagination comes up with a theology in which early automakers take the place of the apostles and it goes downhill from there.... Shudderworthty but you know someone, somewhere is looking at the idea right now, nodding and designing the garage/chapel.

So, does Tucker get cast as The Adversary?


Anonymous said...

GM owns lots of unusual things: golf courses, gyms, and a bunch of Superfund cites that they call (soon to be idled) "factories" which will be cranking out Trabants any day now.

Good luck, Government Motors. I'd say keep the church, Barack will need to pray more.

Shootin' Buddy

og said...

Ford owned/built a series of chapels across the USA. he called them "Martha- Mary" chapels. One still exists for sure, at Henry Ford's Museum/Greenfield Village in Dearborn MI. I was married there.

There are others, but they've all be changed/altered by now, I would imagine. The Ford chapels were all set up to be non denominational.

Joanna said...

Somewhere, Aldous Huxley's ghost just shivered and doesn't know why.

Drang said...

The Big Three own/owned vast swathes of the Upper Peninsula, as well. That's why, to this day, many maps of the area show nothing of the area just to the east of the Keweenaw Peninsula, it was the Ford, etc., familys' private playground. Even after it became .gov land, folks were afraid to go there, maps were unreliable, to say the least.

Rabbit said...

Maybe I should say a novena to St. Corvair the Overheated and see if we can get a cool front to break our weather cycle.


wv-unicess. She who waits for unicorns?

Drang said...

BTW, the Noo Yawk Slimes reports that "GM is out of bankruptcy, having sold all it's good assets."

WV: govethic. Honest.

Stranger said...

Actually, Tucker was mostly a Lycoming pancake engine coupled to non Big 3 componentry.

Studebaker was GM's primary adversary during the 1948-1952 time period. Studebaker bought parts from all of the big three - but starting in 1949 with Stude's new and hot V8 GM "forgot to harden the cam shafts."

The resulting warranty repairs wiped out several years profits and ultimately led to Studes demise. They never had the money to update the chassis - and straight line cars are not really popular.

That - and GM's sweet deals to destroy America's light rail systems have made me a non-GM owner these 60 years.