Friday, July 24, 2009

Uh-Oh: White House Wavers On Hidden Frontier

Great. Just great. I come up with a neat way to sell the truth as fiction and now the Press Secretary comes close to 'fessin' up.


Update: Something for the "how tinfoil is your hat?" files. Just what that something might be is middlin' indiscernible, though I gather Walt Disney is The Debbil. Yes, of course.


Drang said...

Like they'd brief the press-czar about the secret squirrel stuff.

Oh, jeeze, I got HuffPo all over my netbook!

sam said...

They just need to trot out the lovely Bobbi X to generate some beautiful chaff, as well as some nifty RF interference.

Baffle 'em with B.S., then blind them with brilliance.

WV: netechic

That's got to figure in there somewhere, wot?