Sunday, September 12, 2010

11 September

We haven't forgotten Pearl Harbor Day, either -- but we don't spend 7 December in glum whining about those dastardly Imperial Japanese; we went and whupped 'em, after we'd salvaged as many ships as we could from the torn-up harbor.

That was a simpler war, the fighting in the Pacific theatre being "conventional," though much of it would have shocked John Paul Jones or Oliver Hazard Perry. It was a war where the other side was (generally) only too happy to identify themselves; the current War On A Part Of Speech is trickier. I'd still like to see less faffing about and more actual doing of things, like rebuilding the towers only higher, with radar, anti-aircraft guns and laser-guided missiles and for defiance's sake, a big target painted on each one. Come and try gettin' 'em!

Tipton, Indiana enjoys a happy coincidence: their Pork Festival has long been held early in September; they just added on the 11 September 2001 remembrance -- and put another pork chop on the grill! Yeah, and the women of Tipton pretty much show up with bare-nekkid arms and uncovered heads, too. And they're gonna keep right on doing it, too, 'til the last Mad Mullah/Mrs. Grundy is made to stop callin' in fat-headed fatwas over what free people choose to do.


John B said...

september 11th should be made freedom of religion day. With life size voodoo dolls of Osama Bin Hiden in every firing range. And a voodoo priest on hand to bless your bullets.

WV:sores still not healing!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hell, half the time people in the U.S. think the Fourth of July is just a day off from work! But in 1980, the Navy was kind enough to put me in a Barracks on Ford Island about a 100 yards from the Arizona. Everyday was Pearl Harbor Day for me while I was there. This might explain why most of the WTC 9/11 Survivors and the Victims' families really are a little pissed that a Mosque is being built near the site, and Bloomberg may not make it through his next election if it gets built. My $.02, of course.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I've always felt that if martyrdom is what they want so badly, it should be our duty to provide it to them in wholesale lots.

Anonymous said...

One very important thing to remember about WW II that you probably won't find in the history books. We weren't sure we were gonna win! Americans were 100% committed to the war but there were doubts in the early days. Now looking back no one has doubts but make no mistake while it was happening and in the beginning those were dark days.