Friday, September 10, 2010

Overheard In VFTP Command Central

Tam: "If I was minded to believe in conspiracies, I'd wonder at all the attention given to the off-again, on-again Koran-burning in Florida and the Ground Zero Mosque. It's almost like they want a global war to get the economy moving."

Your lips to FDR's ears....

Elsewhere: there was an animated cartoon version of Animal Farm? And it's on YouTube? H'mmm.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did know as I watched it in 7th grade.

The woman that later became my high school valedictorian laughed uncontrollably at the talking pigs. She did not understand the analogy. She is now a physician in Austin, Texas.

Even then I knew my country was in trouble as we were doomed to repeat it.

Shootin' Buddy

Bubblehead Les. said...

The problem with this Conspiracy is that the Anointed One would have the Republic side with the Barbarians. Don't think He really wants to be caught Behind Enemy Lines. Of course, He could shift his butt over to one of his BFF's Royal Palace's in Saudi and try to run it from there, while his Minions try to force the rest of us into Cannon Fodder to fight the Evil Christian Menace. Of course, that kind of thinking would only come from someone who was raised by Commies and spent 20 years listing to a Preacher screaming "God Damn America!" Yeah, no historical basis in the Real World to think such a person could ever become President, is there?

atlharp said...

I have the cartoon version on DVD. Still awesome!