Saturday, September 04, 2010

Updating Ruining The Classics

Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Keeper of the Gate:
"To every person upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can someone die better
Than in facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of their parents,
And stupid purblind, PC clods?"

...With sincere apologies to Thomas Babington Macaulay and every teacher of English in whose class I was a student.

[Edited to make the joke, such as it is, a little more overt]


Bubblehead Les. said...

To which particular group of purblind clods are you referring, or is this just a general indictment of most of todays American Citizens?

Roberta X said...

Given that I have removed all gendered pronouns from the poem, that'd be the purblind clods of Political Correctness.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Thank you for the clarification. Now, onto to the witty, insightful, droll sense of humor this topic engenders: "Frak the P.C. Crowd". Enjoy the Holiday.

Anonymous said...

Isn't political correctness the
futile theory that it's possible
to pick up a piece of scat by the
clean end?
Anon, Don