Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cruel, Unusual, Gag Order

So, didja hear about the Indianapolis mother who penned up her five children in a two-foot by six-foot closet, shoved a bed or two against the door, and didn't bother to check back for nearly half a day? Two of them died, mom is in jail and the remainder are in foster care. And now the killer mom's attorney wants a gag order, 'cos too much "sensational press coverage" will prevent his client getting a fair trial.

Me, I don't think you can make a bare recitation of the facts in this crime any more lurid. The press doesn't make it horrific: it is horrific. Cases like this make me understand the reason for banning cruel and unusual punishment, 'cos were I in charge, I'd be stuffing her into a junk fridge, backing a car up to the door, and forgetting where it was for a week.


Stranger said...

That case makes a powerful argument for the traditional tree limb and rope necktie cure for terminal stupidity.

A "fair trial" is more than the kids got.


George said...

Holy Keerist ... but that's hard to read. As Stranger said, some assembly required.

I don't know what your experience has been in the US ... but up here in the Great White North, we're getting all sorts of no pub orders being issued at arraignment. It seems that any excuse is good enough for our judges.


Joanna said...

I kinda see where the lawyers are coming from -- there's no such thing as a "bare recitation of facts" in modern journalism.

On the other hand, two things stood out to me from the article: One: When you said "half a day", I assumed you meant four or five hours, not 10. Two: I almost gagged when I read that the mother was "devastated by her children's tragic deaths". News flash, lady -- you don't get to use the word "tragic" if you're the one who caused the problem.

Joe Huffman said...

Regarding the junk fridge once you have dismissed that pesky Eight Amendment in the BOR...

You forgot the rats, fire-ants and spiders. There has to be a few of those in there to keep her company.

Anonymous said...

Have a heart it takes a village. "Each according to his ability, each according to his need. Join the colective or be assimilated." 7 of 9

Anonymous said...

"stuffing her into a junk fridge, backing a car up to the door, and forgetting where it was for a week."

Make some holes for the air and insects to get in, force feed her milk and honey daily.... and forget where it was.