Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mind Oboggles

UPI photo collection: President Obama as depicted in Red China.

The first one, especially: "The revolution isn't success!" Darn straight, pal. Next two continue the theme.

Y'know, this side of the Great Water, "ObaMao" is a clumsy put-down; over there, not so much.

(Semi-related, the Obama Russian hat is still available! Stock up before coal shortage, tovarich).


John B said...

the question is. Where can I get me some of those shirts? I would outfit the entire October Blog meet!

Montie said...

I'm with John B. I want some of those T-shirts. Too kewl!

Anonymous said...

Don't knock the hat--you'll want one when hydrocarbons are banned.


Anonymous said...

T-shirt here:

Anonymous said...