Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tommy, Several Years Ago

He had settled down with a borrowed pair of socks as a pillow....And then I had the effrontery to take a flash photograph! He returned to his nap when I stopped.


Hat Trick said...

He looks like a sweet cat.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

DaddyBear said...

He looks a lot like our Timmy. Black with a hint of white on the belly and throat. Your Tommy appears to have had a lot of fun in him for an older cat.

sam said...

A nice picture, and a fine way to remember a fine cat. I'm sorry for your losses.

George said...

Heh ... who ever said cats don't communicate with their humans ... well they've never seen a picture like this.

A great memory, I'm sure, Roberta.


Crucis said...

He looks just like Snowflake "my" cat. One Snowflake is a she.

I like to read in bed a bit before turning out the light. When she hears me in the bedroom, she'll jump up on the bed, lay down along my leg and rest her head on my knee.

She'll stay there until I reach to turn off the light.

Snowflake is pure black from tail to nose. At times, she'll be in shadow and all you can see are her eyes.

Thankfully, she's only six years old and quite healthy.

Roberta X said...

Tommy was a very conservative version of the "tuxedo cat:" he had a very small white tie and little white on his tummy. Alas, the second patch was in the general region where he would have worn underpants if he had any and he always acted a bit embarrassed if anyone noticed it.

Miss Slink's white spots were even smaller.

Her aunt -- and Tommy's sister -- Janie, on the other hand, had a big white triangle on her chest, point down, like a superheroine's insignia. She's been gone a long time now. Though the all liked to sleep on or around me, she was the one who came running, often talking, if I sat down on the couch or laid down on the bed. She had to be there! Slinky would often join, and after Janie died, Slinky was my pal on the couch, happily ensconced at my side. Tommy preferred the back of the couch, as more suited to his dignity.

phlegmfatale said...

What a handsome fellow, that Tommy.