Saturday, September 18, 2010

Runnin' Scared

Four editorials on the "conversations"* page of the Local Fishwrap (and Sub-Intelligencer): one local bit, praising our Governor's recent appointment to the state Supreme Court while griping about the "lack of balance" he could have fixed by picking the only woman up for the office ('cos genitalia is so important when judging the big cases?). But that space-filling oddity of come-here-go-away aside, the other three are all -- all -- about the upcoming elections; two from the Left, telling Dems not to panic and kind of panicking about the various and sundry Tea Party victories; dear ol' Mr. Robinson even frets that Delaware's Christine O'Donnell "might prevail." The third is from the Right on Pluto: Charles Krauthammer, as the Dour Prophet, chiding the Republican electorate about Buckley's Rule: "Support the most conservative candidate who is electable." And he tells us O'Donnell can't pass the Buckley Rule test.

Me, I am not so sure. I do know this election seems to be the GOP's to lose; but I wonder if playing it too safe, picking the same tired old Party hacks, isn't itself playing to lose. "More of the same" isn't a winning strategy for either party: Congress presently has some of their worst approval ratings since pollsters started keeping track.

What I do know is, the shiny-pink Left from '06 and '08 are running scared and the Old Guard on the Right had better be. And y'all better get out there and vote when November rolls around.
* Say what? No, really, "conversations?" What kinda wimp editorial page is that? Geesh, where's the one called "Impassioned Diatribes?" That, I'd pay to read!


McVee said...

YES! Exactly. What good is it to put a rino in if He's gonna vote with the D's anyhow? "Well we got 51 seats..." um, OK Olympia. I don't want politics as usual. I cant wait for November!

Anonymous said...

"Conversations" page? Gimme a
break. I miss when a paper would
take a stance, and people could
either agree or point out the flaws.
Always being afraid of offending
someone even with a well laid-out
argument is spineless. No Guts?
Well, one letter off.
Anon, Don

Stranger said...

On the record, Mike Castle is barely to the political right of Barney Frank. And only slightly to the left of Krauthammer.

And Christine O'Donnell only has four percentage points to make up to tie. If she had no money - it would be a tough go against the media.

But with money, it's definitely doable. Especially in a year when dispirited Dims are likely to stay home.


Bubblehead Les. said...

And yet, after all these Primary Upsets, the so-called Political Pundits still haven't got the message: Time's Up. ( And that means YOU, soon-to-be former Sen. Ms. Murkowski, RINO-Alaska). Drink a cold one for me tomorrow!

Joanna said...

If "Impassioned Diatribes" came with an online-only video service, I would subscribe. The fights would be epic.