Wednesday, September 29, 2010

War On Nouns Leads To...

Bad stuff, that's what it leads to. Seems the Executive Branch is arguin' in court that they have a right to [State Secrets!] declare a U. S. citizen a bad guy and then [State Secrets!] put him to sleep like a mad dog. Well, actually, they're not even sayin' that; near as I can figure out, they want the court to forget anyone even asked about it, 'cos it's a [State Secret!].

As it happens, the rat in question is a genuine POS. The world would be made a better place if he was dead. But one of the things that distinguishes our government from a gang of thugs (or at least it used to) is that we have rules and we stick by 'em, especially when it comes to our own. How effin' hard would it be for FedGov to at least convincingly fake it, instead of putting his name on the semi-sekrit Better Dead list and then tellin' anyone going through proper channels that they -- and the court they sued in -- can just sod off, 'cos it's a [State Secret] and the bastid is gonna get the bum's rush outta his mortal coil, no questions to be asked by nobody nohow, no trial no nuthin'.

Like I said, he's an infected boil on the backside of bad guys in a bad part of human society -- but if they can do him at whim and argue [State Secret!] when that niggling little quibble about due process is mentioned, who's next? Who else is in Teh Gummint's "terrorist" files? H'mm.

Heh. "...Includes people who 'Make numerous references to US Constitution,'" does it? Gun nuts? Libertarians?

I said it during the second Mr. Bush's Presidency and I'm saying it now: I am not comfortable with our Government having that kind of power -- and I am even less comfortable with their overtly claiming it.

Alea iacta est. If Luck's a Lady, let's hope she's in a nurturing mood.


Bubblehead Les. said...

The only people I'm aware of who's on the Anointed One's Secret Gooberment Terrorist List are those who admit to being "Forces of Darkness". Got your cyanide pill with you?

Roberta X said...

What, I should do their work for them? --And risk getting beat up by SEIU thugs for scabbing?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, it would be a Federal Job, which pays twice as much as the Private Sector equivalent, plus bennies, plus you can't be fired.....of course, one would have to be Morally Bankrupt, but most of the applicants are running for re-election, so there openings should be good through Nov. 3rd.......

Montie said...

Oh Noes! Following the link, I have discovered that I too might meet the definition of a terrorist:

(1)I make frequent references to the Constitution (hey, I'm a cop, it's part of what we have to keep in mind).

(2) I feel a need to "police the police" (trust me, as a supervisor, that's about 90% of my job).

(3) NRA life member (that's probably a sure way to get tagged).

One saving grace is that I never claim that driving is a right not a privilege since dealing with a**hole drivers in a corrective fashion is something I have to do regularly.

BTW, Bubblehead Les, I kick myself every day for going state instead of federal for a job in law enforcement as a career, I could have raked in the dough and be retired right now. Plus not have had to work nearly as hard, believe me, the feds I have worked with over the last 25 years avoid real police work like the plague.

The Jack said...

Yeah, the naked pride is what's really telling.

Also gotta love the Orwellian nature of putting people who talk about the constitution on anti-government watch lists.

It's like the latest Slate/Newsweek meme of legislators citing constitutionality of their bills being weird and nutty.

So I suppose that's... something. No more mask. Not even a fig leaf pretending there's limits to government power.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah Montie, some days I wish I had stayed in the Navy, but I would have been flushed out when Clinton took over, just like The Anointed One's doing to the Military now. Oh, well, unpaid Freedom Fighter isn't a bad job. Just following in my Dad's footsteps, actually (Hungarian Revolution of 1956). Of course, if I'm NOT on one of THIS Administration's Secret Gooberment Terrorist Watch List, it's my own damn fault!

Derfel Cadarn said...

According to the links the entire Democratic party would be up for execution. If someone is a citizen they can believe anything or say anything they want even if you do not like it. You know that Constitution thingy and all that nation of laws crap starts getting in the way.Thankfully it is the law of the land and has served us well and will continue to. There is but one choice to be made LIBERTY or DEATH