Monday, July 04, 2011


About F.D. R., this verse is, but many parts seem so...aptly current.

(You be nice to Winston, now; he's a typeblogger, not a political blogger. It's his Grandmother's politics quoted here).


Josh Kruschke said...

Thanks for sharing.

WV: tooriabl, what Obama's been causing.

And I think that's how you actually spell the word.


Winston said...

Hello and thanks for the link. It is amazing how little some things change, isn't it? That's what's struck me most about going through all of these old family papers, going back before and through the Civil War. The weapons and the technology changes but the sentiments they're used to convey stay the same.

Roberta X said...

Indeed, you are correct!

--Looking back through the filter of WW II and a multi-term Presidency, we sometimes forget that FDR's times (and Hoover's) were at least as tumultuous as our own, and the President came in for no less criticism than he does nowadays.

I got a little of it because my maternal Grandfather looked a great deal like FDR and was staunchly opposed to his economic policies; even though our lives barely over lapped, my Mom, uncle and aunts still told stories about his reaction to the resemblance being pleasantly remarked upon by well-meaning strangers. He'd smile back, of course.