Saturday, July 23, 2011


I guess it's a good thing I had a fairish post yesterday, 'cos today my head is nearly as empty as a balloon.

...I did race through Into Your Tent, a biography of British SF writer Eric Frank Russell, a man who in person seems to have been moody, opinionated, sometimes downright rude -- and intensely private. While he is not quite the fellow you'd expect from his stories, he's certainly interesting. There's something kind of admirable about a writer who responds to cheeky, nosy questions about his life with "fibble off!" and/or utter, obvious fabrications.


admin-actual said...

Asked Tamara to pass on this information - not sure if it's reached you.

might hopefully tickle your interest.

Post a Bitcoin address, and the War Chest will victimize it.


Roberta X said...

I've seen it but I cannot make head nor tails of it.

You may have an incorrect impression of my degree of internet-savvy.

Bruce H. said...

>> I've seen it but I cannot make head nor tails of it.

Ditto that.

I looked on Wikipedia and found a reference to PiratePad in the EtherPad article, but I still don't know that it is or why admin-actual wants to sell you one.

Looks like spam to me.

Roberta X said...

It makes me feel a bit unhip and old to be not getting it on so massive a scale. And so it goes. said...


That you do not get it is my fault. :/

I am NOT trying to sell you anything. Just the opposite.

The elevator speech:
"Armed anonymous Libertarian guerrilla group forming up."

I am offering to pay for your time to talk with others in the community to understand what's going on. Because I very much believe in the mission parameters and understand that your time is limited. If that sounds sleazy, I am sorry. It lends credence to what I say.

Etherpad is just the vehicle to try and get the signal out.

I will not spam you should you feel that I'm wasting your time or bothering you in any way. I don't need awesome enemies on top of the rest of it. ;)

The community will treat you with respect, and one of them may be able to explain it better than I. I hope you'll give them that chance.

If not, thank you for your time so far. Godspeed.

Bruce H. said...

Sounds like agent provocateur to me. said...


Your commentary is not helpful, and comes off as hostile to me.

If you do not understand the technology involved, the motives, and the hard work I've put into this... I would submit that it is rude to make such suggestions.

If you have a SPECIFIC beef, you are more then welcome to air it.

Otherwise, I am calling you out as a concern troll.

I will honor any requests to leave. My word is my bond.

Roberta X said...

admin-actual/ Thank you for the clarification.

I don't think we're on the same page, though, as I'm still very much of the L. Neil Smith non-initiation of force school: the Zero Aggression Principle.

Assuming circumstance ever arise when it becomes both necessary and moral to, as the Claire Wolfe line has it, "shoot the bastards," I have no intention of talking about it, I'll go shoot the bastards.

I have no plans or specific thoughts on those lines and will not share even my idle speculations in a public forum. (If it's online, it's public. NSA, whatever else they may be, are very very good at reading other people's mail).

Among other reasons for me not to post, if civil society falls apart I am very likely to find myself on the wrong side of the line due to where I live and what I do for a living. What I don't know, I can't spill.

It's not 1773 yet, let alone 1776. said...

I am not interested in initiation of force.

I am interested in building platforms.

My intention is in no way to draw you out, merely thought you would find something of interest.

It seemed to align with your other interests. I mean no harm to ANYONE.

Thank you for your time. I won't take up any more of it. You know how to reach me.


Roberta X said...

Thank you for the invitation; I don't think I'm a good fit on that platform.