Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm 'stonishingly irritable this morning, in part 'cos I had very little sleep (OT vacation shift, which ran past midnight; we've only got n techs, to fill n-3 slots) and in part 'cos I had to drive two largeish unfamiliar vehicles on the freeway, in dark, in traffic, one of them with a degree of body roll you would not believe.

Since I'm a white-knuckle driver on the freeway in my own car and have terrible night vision.... Let's just say the muscles in my shoulders, upper back, lower back and points South are still painfully clenched and my upper back wasn't all that great to begin with. (Naturally, I once again missed the "free chair massages" at work Thursday -- if you don't respond to the e-mail for it in five minutes, you miss out. I'm going to have to find someone and start paying to have the knots unsnarled.)

Plus neither Tam nor I picked up any breakfast-type food yesterday. We talked about it but each thought the other had it on her list. I've got enough beans, rice, tofu, fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices to fake something I'd like but it's doubtful Tamara would.

Add in my normal headache and some unusual clumsiness with my web-browser (closed a tab I wanted to refresh, etc. etc.) and it's a heckuva a way to start a morning.

At least there's a lot to do today. Surely some of it will come out okay!

...Speaking of people having a bad day, "Is Obama The 2012 Underdog?" was one of my start-page headlines. Alas, he's still up against the always-attractive Unknown Republican. If the GOP had any known candidates as shiny, they might be in the catbird seat. As it is, None Of The Above looks to have a better chance the usual, were that vacancy an option. Hey, four extra years for the two parties to reassess their front-runner options (and maybe the other parties could, too), four years in which Congress, if they want a war, would actually have to declare it instead of passing the buck -- it might be worth a try.Link


Standard Mischief said...

so sorry to hear about your back.

The mojo in Firefox is Ctrl+Shift+T. This will undo the dismissal of tabs in the reverse order of dismissal. Tabs will retain their original history. (Shift is important, otherwise you just get a new blank tab)

Jeffro said...

Have you ever tried a TENS unit? Fifty bucks gets you a pretty decent one. I sure like mine.

Drang said...

Consider virtual hugs to have been offered.

Not a particularly timid driver, but I hate driving unfamiliar vehicles under adverse conditions, at "on the freeway at night" counts. And my back hurts, I have a low-grade headache and sore throat, and I'm running late for work, so why am I commenting on someone else's blog...? Bleh.

Ted said...

Someone should just change their name to Generic Republican or Unknown Republican. Just to improve their odds.

Stranger said...

You have my sympathy - both for the tension and for the lack of breakfast. We men can look in the 'frige, find a couple of jalapenos and some slightly sour milk and make a meal. Few women care to do that. Or to do the new men's breakfast fallback, to open a single serving pack of Spam and throw it in the zapper for 15 seconds.

On politics, two of the three best men in the race have yet to announce. I suspect it will come down to those three, Bachmann, Perry, and Palin in that order. Which two of the three I am betting on is a secret.

But "anybody but Obama" suits me at the moment.


Roberta X said...

Stranger: You'd be surprised what I can do with an "empty" larder. I was gonna be pretty happy with rice, beans, some fresh veggies and a (1) scrambled egg. Tam is something of an obligate carnivore, however, and in order to stave her off, I would've had to dig into the, pardon the expression, Strategic Potted Meat Reserve before it was time. We stock Spam and plain canned corn beef on the "just in case" shelf, figuring if the economy goes bad fast, we'll have something to eat while working out squirrel traps.

Instead, she made a grocery run while I was staring at the screen and complaining, so it worked out Just Fine.

CGHill said...

There's a @Generic_Repub on Twitter now, boasting about his chances: "America can't afford a brand-name President."

Anonymous said...

Rubio. Listen to him. He's the BizarrObama! He's a TP darling, and he's Hispanic; talk about a legup.

Even if he takes the #2 slot to one of the Usual Suspects, he'll be ready for the next round, if there is one.