Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sure, It's A Bad World

Congress and the President are bailing a screen-bottom canoe with leaky china teacups while it's headed for Angel Falls and they're arguing about which teacup pattern is best; the Canton, OH finest and second-finest purveyors of street justice turn out be singing the same tune as the President of their friendly local City Council;* people are still starving en masse in Africa and en retail in S. America, Russia, N. America, Asia, Australia and assorted islands -- and your hometown, probably, same as mine.

It's all pretty awful. There's dammit-sai all I can do about it but point it out and drop some bucks in the collection plate -- for the hungry, the fed.gov can -- and will -- fend for itself.

So I made chickpea salad. Pretty much this recipe, only I did half a red bell pepper and half a green pepper, half an onion (I wept and wept, the darned thing was packin' Mace) and one can of chickpeas. Did about 1.5x on the olive oil and red wine vinegar, skipped the hot red pepper flakes, faked the celery, garlic and rosemary with some Penzy's mixed spices ("Fox Point" and "Sunny Paris") and served it garnished with thinly-sliced radish: yum, yum, yumm!
* The jernt must be similar to Paris, since Council President S------'s motto for the place appears to be, "See Canton, OH while armed and die." Thanks, bub, but I b'lieve I'll pass.


Tango Juliet said...

I for one, am hoping a massive lawsuit drops in his lap.

The knucklehead Council President carries on as if the incident was solely the driver's fault. And naturally CCW by private citizens is the root of all evil.

The crazy cop is going to cost Canton millions.

Robert Fowler said...

Tango Juliet said..
The crazy cop is going to cost Canton millions.

And it is well deserved. I have never run across a cop as arrogant as that one. And his partner is just as culpable for not intervening. The rabid cop should be fired and never allowed to wear a badge again. His partner, at the least should do some suspension without pay time.

Stingray said...

I wept and wept, the darned thing was packin' Mace

I remain firmly convinced that there is a farmer possessed of a disproportionate helping of malice running around the growing acres of the U.S. working not-so-secretly on a project to weaponize every third onion in the land. Apparently this week's shipment of Tear-Gasser 9000s was routed to Indy instead of the land of enchantment.