Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ask, Tell...Psych!

Or maybe it's a double-psych; the Federal appeals court that had repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell got an emergency request from Mr. Obama's administration to put it back, and did -- but added the service can't do any investigation, penalties or discharges under the rule (why, yes, it's the Ninth Circus; why do you ask?).

I guess that means that while it is (again) not okay to be openly homosexual in the military, they can't do 'em any official harm; which sounds to me like a recipe for unofficial trouble.

Once again, the Feds have taken a situation that was going to be, at best, very uncomfortable no matter how it worked out, and found a whole new way to make it worse. Yeah, way to go.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Truman executive-ordered the racial integration of the services 'with all deliberate speed'(1948), but it took years.
I wonder why the current President simply hasn't done that in this issue?

Roberta X said...

'Cos he is afraid to pick a side: while timidity is usually on of hi few good qualities ('cos it keeps him from pushing too hard), in this case it simply prolongs the mess.

Me, I'm to the point where I just wish they'd decide something and stick with it; but that Olympian detachment is only 'cos I don't have a dog in the fight.