Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Pugsly Immune To Irony

Huge Chavez, back in Venezuela after having to go to Cuba for cancer surgery (I'll bet he didn't have to bring his own meals and bandages!), praised the independance of the country he's "improved" so much that...he had to leave it to get surgery.

In a reaction that will surprise no one except the semi-commie/semi-strongman, his country's bond prices had risen sharply when it came out he was ill...and fell even more abruptly when he returned. One could hardly look for more sincere criticism. Way to lead the way to prosperity, there, ya little weasel!

(Then there's this photo. Family reunion or has he gone all Charlie Sheen?)

Y'know, that man could do a lot for his county's economy with a solo car trip in a well-sealed garage.

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John B said...

solo car trip in a sealed garage!
I don't know if you won the internets with that gem, but it's good for one of my marriage proposals.

You might need those to side your house if thing get much worse!!!!