Saturday, July 02, 2011

IMPD vs. Useful Actions

Tam points it out: Indy's Finest have been putting on a major dog & pony show of force along the Monon Trail, while somehow entirely failing to mention the single greatest safety improvement: as of Friday just past, if you have a carry permit (from anywhere), you may carry along nearly all city bike trails (parks, too) without violating a city ordinance with your ordnance.

(The sole possible exception is the Central Canal Towpath Trail. The property is owned by the water company; while city owns the utility and thus ownership ultimately traces back to you, the taxpayer, there's sufficient room for lawyers to argue it, which they are.)

Meanwhile, an example of IMPD's approach: biking back from Sunday's BlogMeet, I saw four (4) IMPD cruisers parked just off 61st St. and the Monon. Uh-oh, thought I, a pal of Sumdood has done struck again. Crossing the bridge over Kessler, I met 4 IMPD officers strolling the other way, chatting amiably and bein' Highly Visible.

I smiled and waved; they don't decide where they're going to patrol, after all, and despite a spate of bad apples, most IMPD officers are a-okay. But holy cow, if the Trail is soooooo dangerous in that stretch of Broad Ripple in broad daylight that the po-lice have to take it in fire teams, WTF am I doing on it all alone-o? Conversely, if it ain't, why are My Tax Dollars payin' four guys to do the work of one (and a lone patrolperson would be a lot more approachable) while somewhere else in town, a slum or subdivision goes unpatrolled?

'Cos "face time" and "showin' the badge" is what you do instead of something.

With all due respect to your boss, officers, while you're operating in bridge foursomes, you or one of your peers is all that much less likely to be where I'd want you when fun-loving youths energetically importune me for spare and not-so-spare cash. I'll be countin' on my sidearm for first response to trouble I didn't see soon enough to flee.

They sure do got 'em in purty uniforms, though.


Ed Rasimus said...

You may have a point or you may be premature. Without being privy to the gendarme's tactical channel or intel it is hard to judge. They could be randomly patrolling, probably unnecessarily in a foursome, or they could be pre-empting a tipped off gang-bang or flash-mob activity.

Or maybe they were just gathering to enjoy their Koffee and Krispy Kremes.

Standard Mischief said...

maybe what y'all need to do is organize a little "critical mass" type ride, except, you know, obey all the laws and be courteous and stuff. Oh yea and make it a discreet carry non-event.

(Dang, I wish I could carry, on or off the bike anywhere in my state)

Ed Rasimus said...

Ahhh, now having read the View, I am wiser regarding events along the Monon. It was sort of like the Messiah dropping in to a Des Moines cafe to discuss ethanol issues accompanied by six hundred minions.

Oh well, just another day in paradise.