Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goooood Morning!

Here it is, 7:59 and I haven't posted anything.

I went to the Indy Hamfest yesterday, where I proved to myself that walking a lot on grass is better than walking a lot on a hard surface. And proved why I only carry a certain amount of cash to these events....

But I did buy a drill press, a bench-top Craftsman, at a very good price; and I bought something for my peace of mind at work, too: a Tektronics oscilloscope cart, which I will attempt to swap for a top-heavy thing we've been using for various pieces of test gear and which has already damaged one of them.

I picked up several books and quite a lot of minor items of geekery (eventually to be written about at Retrotechnologist), while renewing old friendships, which is the best part of all.

This was as large an event as they have had since moving to the present site from the County fairgrounds, too, which bodes well for the future.

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Sport Pilot said...

Dang it! You folk's have some first class Ham and Gun show's up in your Burg...Nex time I'd like to send you a shopping list, I'm getting into Ham radio myself...