Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comes A Voice

...Tam, from the Library Annex (Reading Room, single-seater): "...Those bastids have tiny dreams..."

RX: "Wha..?"

Tam: (over the sound of the sink) "Tiny dreams!"

RX: "Short in duration or small in scope?"

Tam: "Small in vision! 'The space station of the future won't be a giant wheel but small and more like a child's Erector Set construction.' Hmpf!" (Steps out into hall, face to face with--)

RX: "Reading my 'Space Stations' book, ey?"

Tam: "Small-minded space scientists! I hope their ancestors end up living in trees and throwing rocks!"

RX: (Raises an eyebrow, tries to hold serious expression) "Um--"

Tam: "All right, 'Descendants!'"

...A pity, an arboreal version of the opening sequence for 2001: A Space Odyssey was already playing in my mind's theatre).


Tango Juliet said...

You two have the darndest conversations.

Cincinnatus said...

It worked either way ...

Quizikle said...

Earth First!
We'll get the asteroids later...

but it's time to start planning.
We need the Moon as a base to head to Mars. I'll concede to using the dark side...
We need Mars as a base to head out to the asteroids.
Who knows from there.

We have to plan earlier than expected because we now have computers to "help" us