Saturday, September 03, 2011


Went out to the garage late the other night and on my return, noticed a perfectly enormous cicada on the doorframe, sitting there quietly at a funny angle, all green, black and gold. I took a good, long look; they're fascinating critters, homely as a bulldog but wonderfully shaded and marked.

...And then I realized that next to it, at precisely the same angle and pose, was a tiny, clear-winged insect, doing its best to look like a baby cicada. Since that's not how the cicada life-cycle works (not even close), I'm going to assume it was sheer admiration.

Okay, they're bugs. But I'm still greatly reminded of the Looney Toons cartoons with the two thug dogs, an enormous bulldog and a tiny mutt: "Whatcha wanna do today, Spike? Make a really annoying sound for like hours an' hours? Hey, Spike? Y'wanna we should do that, hunh?"

Maybe I'd better switch to decaf.


DaddyBear said...

How about a nice warm cup of cocoa and a nap?

Drang said...

Was the larger of the two a shell? (Chrysalis, I think?)

Roberta X said...

Nope, it was the real deal, not a shed skin.

(If I undersatnd it, they only do that once; they climb out of the dirt as a wingless cicada, find a good spot, latch on and wait while their outer skin goes rigid for that last stage.
You know they'd scratch all over afterward if they could.)

Laura said...

i love wacky bugs...just (gently) removed a huge jumping spider (where huge = 1/4 in long) from the car while we were out and about today. jumpers are my favorite, and she was so lovely and HUGE (for a jumper).

Anonymous said...

I am just NOT a bug fan, esp. when it is a tarantula the size of my hand or scorpions.

BGMiller said...

No decaf please.

I fear it would adversely affect your worldview and thus your writing.

I fully admit the selfish nature of my reasons but :shrug: what'cha gonna do....


Anonymous said...

How's about a picture of the little critter?