Sunday, September 11, 2011


Y'know how they say, "The Great Wall of China is visible to the naked eye from orbit? It ain't.

Y'know how they say, "You can't see national boundaries from orbit?" Wrong at least three times over and never more wrong than at the India/Pakistan border. (The others are North/South Korea and Haiti/Dominican Republic) .


Anonymous said...

So, it is a racist wall to stop Indians doing jobs that Pakistanis won't do, or a racist wall to stop Pakistanis doing jobs that Indians won't do?

/ sarc

And it seems to me that the norkies missed an economic opportunity: selling carbon credits! Based on the photo, there are primitive tribes in darkest Africa or New Guinea that have larger carbon footprints than the average norkie.

Earl said...

Thanks, I knew about the two Korean borders, and you don't really want to know what is on and under the ground on those borders. But the Haiti and Dominican Republic are awesome. What is the Pakistani India effect caused by? War zone?

wv - bangspo (Google computers texting Bang spot?)

Borepatch said...

But I know that I saw it on the Internet somewhere! The Government wouldn't let people put things that aren't true on the Internet.

Next, you'll be saying that Obama isn't smart, or something ...

wolfwalker said...

Earl, Pakistan and India hate each other like few other neighbor-pairs of countries do. Their border is fortified like there's no tomorrow (and if their war ever turns hot, there may not be).

Tam: that Haiti/Dominican Republic image should come with a safety warning. It's enough to make a good honorable conservationist (like me) lose their lunch.