Friday, September 30, 2011

Harold Stark, Master Steam Engineer

At the Indiana State Fair this year, Tam and I saw an amazing -- and, I suppose, twee -- miniature steam traction engine, about half-scale, plenty big enough to ride aboard. It was steaming gently, clearly functional.

It turns out to be the work of Harold Stark, Master Steam Engineer, who's been a major part of the working antique farm machinery exhibit at the fair for the past 31 years. He's quite a guy. You'll find a short video and a little biography at Artisan Ancestors.

(I'll crosspost this to Retrotechnologist soon as I can.)


perlhaqr said...

Tony Stark's g'g'g'grandfather? :D

"I AM IRON MAN! *chug chug chug chug*"

Joanna said...

perlhaqr beat me to it.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

What a cool video. Thanks for linking to it. I'd never have seen it otherwise.

Anonymous said...
Release your inner Steam Punk.


Anonymous said...

I know a fellow in North Carolina that has a steam sawmill. He is big on keeping the old ways alive and sponsors a heritage day at his place every year on the last Saturday of June. He is a third generation sawmill man, potter, bluegrass musician and storyteller. Name is Glenn Bolick and he lives near Blowing Rock at Potts Camp. Pottery is the family business now and they use a wood fired kiln.

Thanks for posting the video. I am going to send it to Glenn's daughter for her to show him.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Well if it's steam powered stuff in North Carolina you want, you should come to Southeast Old Threshers Reunion. It's supposed to be a real big deal.

Home on the Range said...

You need to go with us to Tri County Steam and Tractor fest next year. There was enough there to wander and go "oh oh oh !!!" all day long.