Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Teamsters President Rant

Yeah, yeah, I ignored Labor Day...again. I think it's idiotic to "celebrate labor" by havin' everyone (other than essential services and retail workers!) take the day off (especially managers and above; funny, that). Oh, it could be worse -- I guess it's better to go have a picnic than a live-fire, audience-participation restaging of the Haymarket riot.

James Hoffa of the Teamsters disagrees. Nope; if there's a metaphorical fuse, he'll happily supply a match -- and an arm to throw the explosive package, too. Or as he put it "...they gotta war...let's take these sons-of-bitches out!"

What foe was he talking about? Multiple-choice:
A) The bosses and owners, traditional boogeyman for labor leaders.
B) Al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups
C) The TEA Parties and some Congressional Republicans

...Yeah, that one's a gimme, an easy "C." Reportedly, the President -- you know, of the United States -- was at that event and, as they say, "Silence is consent."* Which is what he said about inciting partisan violence: de nada.

Makes me feel soooooooo comfy. Or, how about that, exactly the reverse. Hoffa, you fatheaded bombthrower, is your flag not bloody enough?

(Upcoming Bookend Holiday Rant: "By the same amount of time after Pearl Harbor, we'd helped reduce Berlin to rubble, burnt Dresden to a crisp, nuked two cities in Japan, held two full sets of war-crimes trials and had brought most of the troops home and were well underway rebuilding the victim and losing countries; the war was won, over and receding in the rearview mirror," or, "A Hair Shirt and Two Holes In The Ground." I blame a hyperdramatic, crybaby media, plus a compliant audience of vid-addicted drones who won't tell 'em when to STHU.)
* Ever wonder who that 'they' might be?


Tango Juliet said...

I never realized I was so many things to so many people and all because I happen to disagree with the idea of a overreaching, bloated, corrupt federal government that lives well outside its Constitutional bounds.

Tango Juliet said...

PS How's MomX doing?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, I don't know all the details about the Haymarket Riot, but up here on the North Coast, we DID have a Labor Day Picnic and Shoot and things went "BOOM" and flew through the air in front of a crowd, so maybe that counts?

Oh, about Hoffa wanting to "take those SOBs out"? Some of us are Quietly and Lawfully awaiting your attempt. But remember the old saying, Jimmy. "Don't be Starting Something you can't Finish."

Guffaw in AZ said...

Gee, Bobbi. tell us how you REALLY feel.
BTW, I agree 100%
and i agree with Tango Juliet, as well.
How IS MomX?

Carl-Bear said...

I'm reminded of "Exordium"'s call last year to "cleanse" all us non-leftists.

I'd guess that steep learning curve applies to Hoffa, Jr. (and I'm guessin' Daddy failed that lesson, too) as much as it does to ol' Exordium.

Drang said...

Hmmph. Knew plenty of guys when I was working summer at Dodge Main who belonged to the union because the job paid well, but you had to belong to the union. Guys who would talk about how they had screwed something up horribly, but the union said "Fire him and we'll go on strike", and Chrysler backed down. "And that's why the union shares the blame for why the company's in trouble."

Used to drive over Thug Senior on my way to school--they paved I696 the week after he disappeared. That Yankee (?) Stadium rumor is a Red Herring.